Letter Writing Help

Letter Writing Help

Letter Writing Help

Letter Writing Help


Sometimes, a well drafted letter which clearly sets out your proposals and or concerns will have the effect of settling your case without the need to go to Court. Letter Writing Help A well written letter can:

  • Help you formulate a clear offer and basis for negotiations
  • Warn the other side about their conduct
  • Support any future applications to the Court.
  • Can assist the mediation process
  • Can demonstrate how unreasonable the other side has been and can be exhibited to future statements

Please visit our fee section here for details online of our letter writing service. A solicitor will typically charge you a 1/10th of their hourly rate to draft a letter for example a solicitor with an hourly rate of £200 will charge you £20.00 for a letter but will not open a file without a minimum of £200 on account often they will ask for much more! This normally covers your initially and letters in reply etc. Beware solicitors charge for emails that they send to you and other people involved in your case. We will not charge you for emails or letters that we send to you as our client. It is usually letters in and out that really drive up your case costs when you instruct a solicitor. At Family Law Assistants we charge either a fixed fee for 1 letter or a letter package for the duration of your case so there are no nasty bills at the end of your case.

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Family Law Friend is the trading name of Family Law Friend Ltd. This is a help and support service only. This is NOT a legal advice service.

Although we are qualified solicitors we do not hold practicing certificates to enable us to advise you as to the merits of your case. Our family law assistants are acting in the capacity of case preparation assistants as opposed to legal advisers and therefore we will not be responsible for any adverse decisions in your case resulting from documents that we have helped you prepare or guidance given to you prior to or during proceedings.

If you require advice as to the merits of your application or on what to say in statements and or applications, you should consult a practicing solicitor, one that is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Family Law Friend is a trading name of family law friend limited which is not regulated by the solicitors regulation authority (SRA)