Family Law Friends – We Are Live

Welcome to the blog of Family Law Friends. We are happy to launch our website. Family Law Friends provide professional family law advice for unrepresented parties. We are delighted to reach another step closer to those who really need professional advice.

We hope to provide professional advice and services where family law is concerned. If you are unable to hire a solicitor for whatever reason, we can help. Browse through our mobile friendly website to know more about us and our services. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide expert advice.

Our New Website

When we launched our services, our goal was to reach out to those who were representing themselves. Most of the clients we see come from word of mouth referrals. But we realised that we were not reaching out to as many people as we could.

That’s when we realised a website would help. We realised the power of the Internet and how it could help us reach out to those in need of our services.

And so began our search for a reliable and professional web design agency who wouldn’t charge exorbitant web design fees. Our search led to Blue Whale Media, an immensely professional web design agency.

The entire team is friendly and they did a commendable job of developing our brand new website in no time. Not just that, they built it just the way we wanted it to be.

The website has been designed with laypersons in mind. It features a simple design that’s mobile friendly. So whether you are looking for us on your mobile device, a tablet or your laptop, this website will provide a seamless experience nonetheless.

Whether you are looking to know more about us, the services we offer, our fees, or any other information, you are sure to find it all on this website.

About Family Law Friends

We were founded in 2013 when our founder, a former solicitor, found that there was really a huge lack of support for litigants in person. If you are dealing with a family law proceeding as a litigant in person, you need a solid case, professionally prepared statements and preparation to submit to the court. That’s where Family Law Friends can help.

We don’t charge any exorbitant fees. Get legal services from qualified non practicing solicitors at fair and reasonable prices. Contact us today for more information or to request a consultation.