Dear Naomi I would like to Thank you for all your help and advice during my current access and custody issues with my ex-wife. Your advice was invaluable, it made me realise it isn’t all about what the Mother wants and she can’t just do whatever she wants concerning when I, as a loving and active Father, can spend quality time with my Daughter. I am very happy with the outcome of the court order, and cannot thank you enough for helping me to stay strong and fight for what is best for my Daughter. We now have more time together, she is happier, and not upset when I drop her back at her Mother’s because she knows when she is going to see me again. I now also have the peace of mind that my ex-wife cannot try and manipulate situations using my Daughter…I can finally relax and not be constantly on tenterhooks for the first time in 3 years concerning the time I will spend with my Daughter. Thank you again for all your help, advice and always being available when needed. Yours Sincerely Shaun Speck